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Market Update - Dec 2018
Source: Smartymortgage, published on Dec 20, 2018

We noted earlier that Bank of Canada (BoC) decided not to increase interest rates in
December due in part to a weaker energy sector caused primarily by a sharp drop in oil prices
and slower economic growth overall in Canada in the third quarter as a result of less business
investment and consumer spending than had been predicted. Most economists now agree
that the future pace of rate hikes will slow down while these concerns remain and BoC is
unlikely to raise rates in January.

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Market Update - Oct 2018
Source: Smartymortgage, published on Oct 22, 2018

As we ease into fall having enjoyed a good run of sunshine and blue skies, I have noticed an
upturn in mortgage applications during the month of October. It will be interesting to see if
the real estate stats bear out my observations when they are published at the beginning of

Rate wise, Bank of Canada (BoC) is going to announce its rate decision this coming
Wednesday. Most economists are predicting that a 0.25% rate hike is likely although
September’s inflation rate is lower than in August.

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Market Update - Aug 2018
Source: Smartymortgage, published on Aug 22, 2018

Time flies! Kids will be back in school soon and we are doing our best to enjoy the rest of the
summer without breathing in too much smoke.

Meanwhile in the mortgage sector we are counting down to the next important date on our
calendar which is Oct 31st. This is the last day of the current fiscal year for most lenders.
Traditionally we expect rates rising temporarily and policies tightened up around this time.

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Market Update - July 2018
Source: Smartymortgage, published on July 9, 2018

Once again it’s that time when there is a debate over whether Bank of Canada (BoC) is going
to increase its overnight rate which is sitting at 1.25% at present. With the recent stats
showing strong job growth and steady wage increases for June, many economists have
revised their predictions and see the high possibility of BoC having another rate hike by a
quarter percent on Jul 11th, Wed. If it happens, we expect another waive of rate increases
across all mortgage terms.

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