Privacy Policy

We are committed to maintaining the accuracy, security and privacy of the personal Information submitted to us by
our clients and others with whom we do business, in accordance with applicable legislation. This Privacy Policy is a
statement of the principles and guidelines we apply with respect to our clients' personal information.


By submitting personal information to our office, or to any of our associated staff, you agree that we may collect, use
and disclose such personal information in accordance with this privacy policy and as permitted or required by law.

You may refuse or withdraw your consent at any time by contacting our office.  If you refuse or withdraw your consent,
we may not be able to provide, or continue to provide, our services to you.

We will rely, unless you specifically advise us to the contrary in writing at the time, upon your personal representation
that you have all necessary authority and/or have obtained all necessary consents to enable us to collect, use and
disclose any personal information of another individual which you may provide to us, for all purposes permitted by this
Privacy Policy.

What Personal Information do we collect?

    British Columbian and Canadian privacy legislation defines “personal information” very broadly.  Generally
    speaking, it will be information which:

  • is about an identifiable individual; or

  • allows an individual to be identified; and

  • in either case, is not information which is already “public” according to exceptions set forth in the
    applicable legislation.

    In this policy, our use of the term “Personal Information” means information which is defined as being
    personal information under the applicable British Columbian or Canadian privacy legislation, and which is not
    exempted under such legislation.

    Generally speaking Personal Information does not include what is considered business contact information:
    your name, title or position, business address, telephone number, facsimile number, or e-mail address.  
    Certain information, such as your name, home address and telephone number, may be exempted under
    British Columbia legislation.  In addition to this information, we may also collect your personal email address,
    income and employment information, asset, liability and net worth information, and other information which is
    necessary for us to gather in connection with an application, pre-approval, or request for information concerning
    mortgages, loans or other products or services purchased or applied for through our office (including Personal
    Information about family members, beneficiaries, directors, officers, employees, potential guarantors and
    other relevant parties).

Why do we collect your Personal Information?

To whom do we disclose your Personal Information?

Where do we store your Personal Information?

How may you obtain access to your Personal Information?

How do we protect your Personal Information?

Changes to the Privacy Policy

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