Frequently Asked Questions

Repay your mortgage

How do I pay down my mortgage faster?
There are many ways you can pay down your mortgage faster:
  1. reduce the length of your amortization period.
  2. make weekly payments instead of monthly payments.
  3. increase your payments - you are allowed to do this once per mortgage year up to a maximum of twice
    the amount of your regular payment.

Is it better for me to make bi-weekly payments?
Absolutely! Making bi-weekly accelerated payments can shave years off of the life of your mortgage. Bi-
weekly accelerated payments occur every 2 weeks - different than twice per month. When you make
payments every 2 weeks you will be making 2 extra payments per year. These extra payments will be
applied directly to your principal, potentially saving you thousands in interest.

Mortgage Process

Home Buying Process

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