Glossary of terms

Tax Rate: The number of dollars pre $1000.00 worth of actual value which is
payable in property taxes

Tenants Agreement: Contract between the landlord and the tenant, pertaining
to the letting of residential premises.

Tenants in Common: Where two or more persons acquire interests in a single
property. Each may sell or bequeath their interest and in the event of death,
their interest becomes a part of their estate.

Term: With respect to mortgages, a time period at the end of which the
outstanding balance of a mortgage is due and payable.

Total Debt Service Ratio (TDS): The percentage of gross income which is the
maximum amount that a mortgagor is allowed to pay annually in principal,
interest and property taxes all other debts.

Transaction Record Sheet: A form, prescribed by the Superintendent of Real
Estate, which contains certain required information on each transaction,
including every transaction where a Deposit is received and paid into the real
estate agent's trust account.
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