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Why use a mortgage broker?

1. they are SPECIALISTS, it's all they do
2. they work for YOU, not the bank
3. they have access to over EIGHTY lenders
4. they listen to YOU, and find YOU the
best deal
5. their services are usually FREE to you*
6. they provide INTELLIGENT solutions &

* a fee may apply in certain cases
how does it work?

As part of the largest brokerage network in
BC and Alberta our Mortgage Professionals
have access to over eighty of Canada’s
largest financial institutions including
chartered banks, credit unions, trust
companies, independent mortgage finance
companies and private lenders to secure
our clients the best mortgage rate with
terms specific to their needs. Our lending
partners compete for your business,
updating daily rates and products so that
you are always guaranteed the best
mortgage. Typically, your financial
institution is restricted to the products and
policies of that institution, limiting your
options. Our Mortgage Specialists work for
you, not the bank!
mortgages made easy
At Verico Smartymortgage our Mortgage
Specialists take care of every detail from
shopping for the very best rate and terms, to
completing all the paperwork and scheduling
the closing so that you can continue your
daily routine without hassle or inconvenience.

client for life
Our philosophy is simple; we want you to be
our Client for Life by providing the highest
level of service in the industry. Our job does
not end when your Mortgage is funded; in
fact it has just begun. We pride ourselves on
keeping you well informed, being available
to answer your questions and continuing to
source the best mortgage product for you as
your requirements change over the years.

product advice
Our Mortgage Professionals will clearly
explain the different products available to
you, helping you to make an informed
decision and insuring the best fit for your
requirements while providing peace of mind.
what will this great service cost?

In the large majority of cases our services
are free to you because our lenders
recognize the value of your business and
provide our brokers with a finder’s fee for
bringing them the mortgage. This is a very
cost effective way for lenders to develop
and market to new customers and the
savings are passed on to you. In certain
rare situations there may be a fee required
but this will always be disclosed to you up
front with no surprises.
Call us today for a no
obligation consultation.
One of our Mortgage
Specialists will evaluate
your borrowing
requirements and set you
on the path to worry free,
efficient Mortgage
management so you can
focus on other priorities in

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