2007 Monthly Indicator
Source: CIBC World Markets on January 09, 2007
Interest Deductions Take Hit From CRA Ruling
By Jamie Golombek - Tax Expert, Financial Post on March 31, 2007
Mortgage theft: You can lose your house without even realizing it
By Lena Sin Staff Reporter - The Province on March 15, 2007
Canadian Bonds Fall on Speculation Bank of Canada to Raise Rate
By Haris Anwar on April 09, 2007
Demographics Alone
How real is the fear that real estate values in Canada will face downward pressures in the
coming decades due to an aging population? Does the falling number of first time buyers
and the downsizing and increased liquidations of houses by seniors mean an inevitable
decline in house prices...
Source: CIBC World Markets by Benjamin Tal on April 18, 2007
Mortgage News & Articles
Bush calls for $145 billion economy plan
WASHINGTON (AP) - President Bush embraced as much as $150 billion in tax relief on
Friday to jump start the lackluster economy. If Congress passes an economic stimulus
package, the country will be "just fine," he said.
Source: The Associated Press on January 18, 2008
Heading for a soft landing; No need for panic in most of Canada over
housing slowdown
Since last year, forecasters have been predicting Canada's hot housing market was
about to slow to a much more sedate pace. Well, it's happened.
Source: National Post on Saturday, Aug 16 2008
Bank of Canada trims its key rate, flags more cuts as economy sinks

Ottawa-The Bank of Canada Tuesday cut its key interest rate by a small quarter of a
percentage point, attempting to give the Canadian economy a boost in the face of
what the central bank has labeled a global recession.
Source: Globe and Mail Update on Tuesday, October 21 2008
Home Buyer Plan RRSP Withdrawal Limit Increases
Source: Canada Revenue Agency, February 2nd, 2009
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First-time buyers will lead eventual housing recovery: Brookfield CEO

Lower home prices and shifting demographics mean first-time buyers could lead a
rebound in Canada's real estate market, experts said Wednesday at a real estate
conference in Toronto.
Source: The Canadian Press on Wednesday, February 25, 2009
Choosing the Right Mortgage

Traditionally, the most important consideration in choosing a fixed or variable
mortgage has been which strategy would save the most money.

But that might no longer be the case...
Source: Ray Turchansky, Canwest News Service on March 30, 2009
Strong spring market carries into summer months

The Greater Vancouver housing market gained further momentum in July with
record sales levels and a continued strengthening of home prices.

Source: Real Estate Board on Aug 05, 2009

'Pent-up' demand drives home sales past 2008 levels

The recent whipsaw rebound in Metro Vancouver's resale housing markets was
likely "too much, too fast," according to the estimate of TD Economics'...

Source: Vancouver Sun on Oct 08, 2009

Record home sales capping 2009 due to supply and demand, not

TORONTO - Record home sales last month are based on low supply and high
demand and are more likely to drop off this year than inflate a housing bubble
that could threaten a fragile recovery, economists say....

Source: Sunny Freeman, The Canadian Press on Jan 20, 2010

Bank lowers slightly growth forecast for 2009 and 2010, but keeps
interest rates unchanged

OTTAWA - The global recovery is under way but expansion of the Canadian
economy remains dependent on government support and historically low interest
rates, the Bank of Canada said today...

Source: The Canadian Press on Jan 27, 2010

Restraining the dollar and interest rates to keep the recovery on

Financial markets tend to get edgy sitting still, but Bank of Canada Governor
Carney is a man in no hurry to act. Drawing a parallel with Australia, where a rate
hike came earlier than expected, investors had been pushing up ...

Source: Benjamin Tal Economic Buzz - Winter 2010 on Feb 08, 2010

CREA forecasts record home market this year

Canadian real estate sales and prices are poised to set records this year,
according to a new forecast that is bound to reignite calls in some quarters for
tighter lending rules...

Source: Garry Marr, Financial Post on Feb 08, 2010

Government of Canada takes action to strengthen housing financing

The Honourable Jim Flaherty, Minister of Finance, today announced a number of
measured steps to support the long-term stability of Canada's housing market
and continue to encourage home owner...

Source: Ottawa on Feb 16, 2010
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U.S. housing market headed for double-dip decline, CIBC says

U.S. housing prices are headed for a double-dip decline that will hurt related
equities which have already priced in a recovery in the sector, CIBC warns. "Many
companies will be affected," said Benjamin Tal...

Source: John Morrissy, Financial Post on Feb 03, 2010
Weekly Market Insight

North American & International Economic Highlights

Source: CIBC weekly market report on Feb 26, 2010
Variable rate may no longer win

Not that there are a lot of people buying houses these days, but the answer to
the age-old question of whether to go long or short on your mortgage is unclear
yet again.

by Garry Marr, Financial Post, Tuesday, Jul 27, 2010
Canadians' net worth is improving

Canada's housing market is losing momentum, with supply estimated to have
risen by 3% in the second quarter and demand falling by close to 9%.

by Benjamin Tal, Senior Economist, CIBC World Markets

Canada won’t fall victim to foreclosure wave: Report

Canada’s housing market is expected to cool off this year and next, but isn’t at
risk of falling victim to a U.S.-style foreclosure crisis anytime soon, according to
a new report by debt-rating firm DBRS Ltd.

by John Shmuel, Financial Post · Friday, May 28, 2010
Interest rates - rising but still historically low

According to Benjamin Tal, Senior Economist at CIBC World Markets, the Bank of
Canada is unlikely to raise rates much while the US federal funds rate stays near
zero. Doing so could result in premature slowing of our economy and an even
higher Canadian dollar.

Source: Bank of Canada
Bank Of Canada Hikes Another 1/4 Point

It could have gone either way but Mark Carney and co. felt Canada’s economy
was hot enough to warrant another tightening. The Bank of Canada has
therefore raised its overnight rate target to 1%...

Source: canadianmortgagetrends.com on Sep 08, 10


by Canadian City Post 都市报 (Sep 17, 2010)
Home sales grow in August, prices remain flat in sign of housing
market health

TORONTO - Home sales rose in August on a monthly basis for the first time
since March but prices remained flat — signs of health in Canada's real estate
market that should deflate fears of a housing bubble...

Source: The Canadian Press by Sunny Freeman
Increase in variable rate mortgage

The secret to the sudden increase in variable rate mortgages.
Why could i get Prime minus .90 last week and toda is it Prime minus .25?    

Source: MBABC, September 22nd, 2011
Know Your Mortgage - Collateral Mortgage Charges
Source: Smartymortgage, published on April, 17 2015
Many people aren't sure of the key differences between a regular and collateral
mortgage charge. Recently a large Canadian bank received some negative attention
regarding collateral mortgage charges.