Frequently Asked Questions

Mortgage Process
Why use a Mortgage Broker?
How much does it cost to use a mortgage broker?
What is the difference between deal with a mortgage broker and with banks?
What is the First Time Home Buyers' Plan?
Do I qualify for the 5% downpayment program?
What is the advantage of a pre-approved mortgage?
What type of income proof do I have to provide?
Can I use gift funds as a down payment?
What Is Bridge Financing?

Home Buying Process
How much can I afford to pay for a home?
What is a home inspection and should I have one done?
How does the appraisal affect the mortgage process?
What should I expect for closing costs?
What types of taxes are associated with the purchase of a property?
What is Property Transfer Tax and do I have to pay it?

Repay your mortgage
How do I pay down my mortgage faster?
Is it better for me to make bi-weekly payments?

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